Katering for Veggies

Curried Eggplant – Aubergine au Cari

Growing up, we never had eggplants in the house as it was a misunderstood and not a well known vegetable back then, at least in my little semi-rural hometown in Canada. The first time I tried it, I absolutely hated it…  The… Read More

Peach Salsa – Salsa à la Pêche

As promised on August 5th on my Facebook page, the next 4 recipes will feature peaches. Every year, I’m excited when the season of delicious and juicy peaches arrives. This year is even more exciting as I get to share my creations… Read More

Nice Cream Sandwich – Sandwich à la “Crème” Glacée

You remember the no-bake cookies I shared with you last weekend? Well, it turns out that their awesomeness leads to another delicious recipe: nice cream sandwiches. Trust me, it’s divine! It took me 10 minutes of active work and I ended up… Read More

No-Bake Cookies – Biscuits Sans Cuisson

Another very easy and perfect dessert for summer, which requires no baking whatsoever. We’re going through a heat wave here in Canada (33 degrees Celsius today) and as I’m not prepared to stop myself from eating dessert if I want to, I… Read More

Homemade Popsicles – Popsicles Maison

The perfect solution to those very warm days: homemade popsicles. Made with real fruits and natural sugar, they are guilt-free and simply delicious. This version is layered with watermelon and mango, which makes them even prettier. In fact, these are imperfectly perfect!… Read More

Ginger Ice Cream – Crème Glacée au Gingembre

It’s time for another delicious variation of “nice cream” (banana ice cream), this time with ginger and lemon. It’s refreshing, zesty and unique. As the possible flavors are limitless, I find it fun to experiment with unusual ones. What is your personal… Read More

Frozen Raspberry Smoothie Bowl – Bol Smoothie Gelé à la Framboise

I have always enjoyed frozen desserts during summer. Although not the biggest fan of ice cream, I love having a nice sorbet. Slush Puppies were also, like many who grew up during the 90’s, part of my summers, until I realized what I… Read More

Raw Kiwi-Coconut Bites – Bouchées Kiwi-Noix de Coco Crues

Kiwis… I simply love kiwis. Yes, I also mean New Zealanders (the few I know anyway)! I recently purchased a big basket of them as it was on offer, which forced me to find new ways to enjoy this delicious fruit. These… Read More

Frozen Cookie Dough Ball – Boule Pâte à Biscuit Gelée

Remember when you were a kid licking the spatula your mom gave you while she was baking cookies? I certainly do and I now cringe a bit when thinking about it… I was licking raw eggs! Now that I know I can… Read More

Sriracha & Lime Hummus -Houmous Sriracha & Lime

Sriracha sauce is now something I regularly use in the meals I prepare. I really like the taste and the fact that you can taste it without it overpowering everything else. As my husband is a big fan (he practically puts some… Read More