(le français suit) This is another quick and easy recipe, which requires no baking. These little bites of goodness are perfect for snacking during the day at home, school or work. Warning: if you take them to work, make sure you hide… Read More

(le français suit) Even before becoming vegan (nearly 10 years ago!!), eggs were repulsive to me. I simply could not eat them in anything in which their flavour was noticeable. Replacing eggs in recipes is therefore something I am very used to… Read More

(le français suit) These little (and very tasty) fellas really are the perfect way to get the December festivities going! I know I will be enjoying some with a delicious hot chocolate later today, while continuing the Christmas decorations in our home…. Read More

(le français suit) One of the first recipes I published on the blog was the delicious “Scottish Oat Scones”. I thought it was about time to share a new one with you, this time made with raspberry and ginger. Scones, a big… Read More

(le français suit) I always buy way too many bananas… My freezer can confirm that statement as it’s overflowing with frozen bananas, ready for some nice cream or smoothies. This time however, I decided to use them before freezing them (yay me!)… Read More

(le français suit) Beside making soups, one of the things I like doing the most during Autumn is baking. The warmth of the oven and the nice smells followed by the enjoyment of eating such tasty food (while drinking a delicious coffee)…. Read More

Growing up, we never had eggplants in the house as it was a misunderstood and not a well known vegetable back then, at least in my little semi-rural hometown in Canada. The first time I tried it, I absolutely hated it…  The… Read More

As promised on August 5th on my Facebook page, the next 4 recipes will feature peaches. Every year, I’m excited when the season of delicious and juicy peaches arrives. This year is even more exciting as I get to share my creations… Read More

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Another very easy and perfect dessert for summer, which requires no baking whatsoever. We’re going through a heat wave here in Canada (33 degrees Celsius today) and as I’m not prepared to stop myself from eating dessert if I want to, I… Read More