Katering for Veggies

Frozen Raspberry Smoothie Bowl – Bol Smoothie Gelé à la Framboise

I have always enjoyed frozen desserts during summer. Although not the biggest fan of ice cream, I love having a nice sorbet. Slush Puppies were also, like many who grew up during the 90’s, part of my summers, until I realized what I… Read More

Turquoise Smoothie Bowl – Bol Smoothie Turquoise

  During the week, I am lucky if I manage to grab a toast before leaving for work in the morning. I therefore make sure to indulge myself on weekend mornings with nice smoothie bowls or other delicious breakfasts. This bowl is… Read More

Green Smoothie Bowl – Bol Smoothie Vert

Smoothies have been part of my life for several years but it’s only a short while ago that I discovered smoothie bowls. They’re so nutritious and, let’s face it, pretty, that I wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner. They’re also… Read More

Frosted Four Layers Smoothie – Smoothie Givré Quatre Étages

With summer getting close, there are a few things I crave: ice cream, sorbet and smoothie. This incorporates all three in a funky and tasty manner. The perfect dessert to serve your guests or the perfect afternoon treat for your kids… And… Read More

Choco-Banana Smoothie – Smoothie Choco-Banane

Today, on this gloomy and icy Monday (in Montreal, Canada), I’m sharing a delicious breakfast smoothie recipe with you. This creamy choco-banana one is the perfect start to any day! I mean, there’s chocolate in it, so… Serves 2: 2 frozen bananas… Read More

Soaking Guide for Nuts / Guide de Trempage pour Noix

Two things I really enjoy doing are homemade nut milk and nutty smoothies. The question I often get asked is: “How long do nuts need soaking for?” I therefore prepared a little guide to help you. Another question I also get asked… Read More

Breakfast Smoothie / Smoothie Déjeuner

Between my unwell husband (flu) and my tooth infection (hello antibiotics), I haven’t felt much like cooking anything (we’re both pretty much on a liquid diet). I still want us both to give our immune system a kick, so I made a… Read More

Quick Healthy Lunch / Lunch Santé Rapide

Green smoothie and tomato toastie: simple, quick and healthy. What’s not to like? For the smoothie: 1 1/2 cups spinach (if frozen, use only 3/4 to 1 cup) 1 cup kale 1 ripe banana 2 tbs quinoa flakes 1 tbs chia seeds… Read More


Today’s post is all about smoothies. Both my husband and I are big fans… I mean, what’s not to like? They’re nutritious, delicious, colourful and can be made into a meal or a dessert. They’re fun to make and allow you to… Read More