Katering for Veggies

Muffins Choco-Coffee / Muffins Choco-Café

Since, like many people, we are always rushing in the morning and barely have time to eat, I like to make little muffins or bars for us to take in the car. These little muffins are just the perfect thing. Whilst they’re… Read More

Crepes – Crêpes

Quick, easy, dairy-free, egg-free and delicious!  /  Rapides, faciles, sans produit laitier, sans oeuf et délicieuses! Crepes. I simply love crepes. I think all Canadians love crepes, especially drenched in maple syrup. This is probably the first recipe I learned how to… Read More

Breakfast Biscuits -Biscuits Déjeuner

Breakfast on the go is something quite common in our house due to the time we leave for work in the morning. That also means we don’t always treat breakfast with its due respect as the most important meal of the day…. Read More

Turquoise Smoothie Bowl – Bol Smoothie Turquoise

  During the week, I am lucky if I manage to grab a toast before leaving for work in the morning. I therefore make sure to indulge myself on weekend mornings with nice smoothie bowls or other delicious breakfasts. This bowl is… Read More


  There is a way you can enjoy nutella on your toasts or fruits without feeling guilty about all the unhealthy thing you put in your body: make it at home. It’s easy to do and you can even flavour it to… Read More

Green Smoothie Bowl – Bol Smoothie Vert

Smoothies have been part of my life for several years but it’s only a short while ago that I discovered smoothie bowls. They’re so nutritious and, let’s face it, pretty, that I wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner. They’re also… Read More

Coffee Muffins / Muffins au Café

These little muffins are just what you need to get a little boost. Whilst they’re good to have for breakfast, they’re simply decadent with a nice cup of tea or coffee or as dessert with a little bit of ice cream. Who’s… Read More

Breakfast Smoothie / Smoothie Déjeuner

Between my unwell husband (flu) and my tooth infection (hello antibiotics), I haven’t felt much like cooking anything (we’re both pretty much on a liquid diet). I still want us both to give our immune system a kick, so I made a… Read More

Scrambled Tofu / Tofu Brouillé

This is one of our weekend favourites. We have it by itself or as part of a brunch (with vegan sausages and bacon, beans, toast…). I also like to vary the way I prepare it by adding different spices, vegetables and herbs…. Read More