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The day has finally come: I have just launched a brand new blog named “Kate & Zest”, which you can find HERE.

Many of you may be wondering why the change of blog and why now? When I started “Katering for Veggies” 2 years ago, my husband Andrew and I had only recently moved to Canada from England (and what a move that was!) and I was eager to get back to blogging after a 3-year long hiatus. “Katering for Veggies” was mainly about food… and while I love eating, I feel it only represented a small part of what being vegan really means. Veganism is a lifestyle, a way of life and I really wanted this to be reflected on my blog. Thus the long process of evolving the blog started slowly. I wanted a fresh start with a fresh name that would be all about healthy living. “Kate & Zest” was born from that.

So… What is “Kate & Zest” about? I really want it to be individual, for you, and my goal is to create a great community where people can share, connect, align themselves and inspire each other. I want it to be a refreshing look on healthy living in general and a place where you feel free to express yourself and interact freely. It is after all, your healthy zesty life!

What is your next step? Follow us over HERE! If you would like to be a guest blogger and write about a subject you feel would fit here, please contact me as I am really looking forward to connect with YOU!

Note: All recipes have been moved over to the new blog and are much easier to browse.




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