After an almost 3-year long break from blogging, during which my husband and I spent over a year planning my comeback, the day has finally come. That hiatus happened for a very good reason: we not only moved country, but continent. That very long process started many years ago and finally came to fruition in December 2013, when we said goodbye to England and hello to Canada. Having spent most of my adult life in Europe (France, Scotland and England), I was very excited to come back “home”. Now 2 years after our big move, we’re finally settled (after 3 house moves and 3 job changes). Well, almost. I am still waiting for my Kitchenaid (hint to my husband).

Now, to the serious matter: what will this blog be about? I assume the title pretty much gives part of it away. However, this will not be a cooking/recipe blog only. Will there be recipes? Yes, definitely. In fact, there will be recipes from around the world (thanks to my travels and the wonderful friends I made along the way). But it will be so much more than that.

Having been vegetarian for almost 10 years and vegan for 7 ½, I know what the struggles are and how difficult it can be to deal with it all on a daily basis. For example, moving back to Canada has been a “feeding” nightmare. The products available are different… And I mean completely different. I pulled at my hair on a regular basis, mourned many delicious products and, at my lowest point, felt like moving back to the UK just for vegetarian Haribo sweets and Twiglets.

As if food issues weren’t enough, there was the fashion (yes, I am a bit of a fashion junkie). My husband has been putting up with the “why is H&M so different here?! It’s awful and I can’t find anything I like!” for over 2 years now. It can be pretty difficult to find vegan clothing and accessories, so when you lose all your landmarks… More hair pulling.

So, to put it simple, this blog will be about the day-to-day life of a vegan married to a vegetarian who loves fashion and who is looking to connect with others in order to share the joys and struggles of living as cruelty-free as we can.

Signing off for now,



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